AUTHOR: Braden Lamb, Eryk Donovan, Jake Lawrence, John Kovalic, Madeline Flores, Noelle Stevenson, Paul Mayberry, Rebecca Tobin, Rob DenBleyker, Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, Various

The Revengers featuring Armor and Silver Streak (1985) #3 continues to Armor (1988) #4.

AC Comics presents a solo adventure of the Femforce gunslinger Black Phantom. On trial for her life, the Black Phantom faces hanging if her defense fails. But then something unexpected occurs: a magical trip to the future and a meeting with the modern-day Femforce. Beginning of the End; Fear; On the Precipice; Beyond the Veil; The Phantom... A Stranger.

this cutting-edge comic is based upon concepts and characters found on the popular Freak Show album by the Residents available in record shops across the country. Each features story and art based on one of the songs. Included are: Herman and the Human Mole by Richard Sala, Wanda the Worm Woman by John Bolton, Jello Jack by Matt Howarth, Mickey the Mumbling Midget by Savage Pencil, Bouncing Benny the Bump by Pore No Graphics, Lillie by Dave McKean and Tex the Barker by Kyle Baker. This 80-page trade paperback includes both black-and-white and full-color art and features a full-color cover by Charles Burns.

In the small harbor town of Dellise, Johan the Red Knight and Allis meet Khoja, a carpet salesman who seems to be doing very well for himself. Recently, the wealthy merchant has agreed to a highly profitable deal. The town administrator has ordered a luxurious tapestry to impress his guests. But if it isn't ready in time, it just might cost Khoja his freedom. So the desperate salesman and his son come up with a devious plan to get the job done. A plan that involves Allis...

It all begins here. The epic fantasy series for those that enjoy Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dungeons and Dragons, and Game of Thrones. Here is the introductory issue and sets the stage for the magic and Middle Earth adventures that will be unveiled. Four normal modern day teenagers are plunged into a world they thought only existed in novels and film. They are whisked away to a magical land where dragons roam the skies, orcs and hobgoblins terrorize weary travelers, dark magic consumes kingdoms, and where unicorns prance through the forest. It is a world where man is just one race, joining other races such as elves, trolls, dwarves, changelings, and the dreaded creatures who steal the night. This is not a typical dungeons and dragons world, for this world follows the adventures of these wayward teens into the unknown as we watch the world unfold in front of their (and our) eyes. Luckily for some of them, they are saved and then joined by an escaped slave, the female elven named Silverfawn. It was a world of magic, of enchantment, of adventure and of death.

The Real Ghostbusters was published by Marvel UK from March 1988 to September 1992.<br />A total of 193 issues were published - it was originally fortnightly (issues 1-14), then weekly (issues 15-185) and finally monthly (186-193).<br />Spin-off title Slimer! (reprinting the Now Slimer! series) was merged with the comic after thirteen monthly issues (Real Ghostbusters issues 121-129).

This is the third series of The Phantom after the following two volumes.<br />Series originally started as The Phantom (By Gold Key, 1962).<br />This series continues from The Phantom (By King Features, 1966).

This series continues from The Phantom (By Gold Key, 1962).<br />Series continues as The Phantom (By Charlton, 1969).

The Justice League is a bunch of pushovers. The Teen Titans are just kids. When the DC Universe calls for a more...aggressive approach, they call Nightwing, Arsenal and company: the Outsiders. A renegade Superman Robot goes on the rampage, and a long-standing member of the Teen Titans dies. Stricken with grief, old allies Nightwing and Arsenal decide that enough is enough: a more proactive approach to justice isn't just needed—it's necessary. This title collects TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY #1-3, TEEN TITANS/OUTSIDERS SECRET FILES #1 and OUTSIDERS #1-7.

The Outlaws kids own ongoing series. From issue 17 and on, the comics where reprints of the stories that came before.

The Outlaw Kid ran during 1954 through 1957 for 19 issues.

When Joe Higgins realizes theres a mole in the FBI, he finds him and gets him to talk. Upon discovering that the much sought-after 42642 map is in Boroffs possession, its up to the FBI and The Shield to locate it and save Professor Newton. But what happens if the map ends up in DELTA-3s possession? Will the Professor be saved? The battle between The Shield and DELTA-3 rages on in this epic issue!

Reprints Gold Keys Doctor Solar # 1    # 5.

<br /> <br /><br />Are the rumors of Uncle Bens return from the grave true? How many people has J. Jonah Jameson hired and fired? Who is that armored Spider-Man from the future with six arms? You know the Lizard - but whos the Iguana? Can you name all the alien symbiotes besides Venom and Carnage? Spideys ex-girlfriend Deb Whitman is back! Whats her story, anyway? All these questions and more will be answered in the SPIDER-MAN: BACK IN BLACK HANDBOOK, spotlighting everyones favorite wall-crawler sporting his enigmatic ebony attire, with an in-depth look at Spider-Mans fantastic powers. This issue also features the return of fan-favorite classic Handbook illustrator Eliot R. Brown with tech-specs on Tony Starks Spider-Man costume.<br />New entries and updates on Spider-Man, his friends and foes, and anyone in-between.<br /><br />

On the mean streets of the Marvel Universe, the kid gloves come off. Guardian devils, vengeance-seeking vigilantes and enigmatic assassins stalk the citys dark underbelly and the urban action unfolds with gritty intensity. The newest entry in Marvel's best-selling Handbook series, OHOTMUMK04 includes in-depth bios on a host of the House's edgiest icons from Black Panther to Shang-Chi!

The House of Ideas pays tribute to its fallen heroes! OHOTMUBOTD04 includes in-depth bios on more than 40 of Marvel's dearly departed — from ancient ones, old soldiers, kid sidekicks and Stacys to casualties of THE comic-book event of 2004: Avengers Disassembled! Plus: an all-new, digitally painted cover by superstar artist Salvador Larroca!

The inexperienced photo-lab assistant Viktor Kasparson is sent deep into the woods of central Sweden to field-test an experimental camera lens. Together with Emma, the fearless aviatrix hired to assist him, Viktor gets trapped in a supernatural tempest brought on by greed, fear and shadows from the past. As the new found friends find themselves caught in a downwards spiral of terrors, the fortune teller crone tracks their descent one tarot card at the time; The Fool, The Lovers, The Chariot, Judgement, The Devil, Death.

The book is broken down into sections on coloring, inking, lettering, scripting, pencilling, and plotting. Plenty of examples in blue line for inking, coloring, etc. It is printed on very heavy paper just like the real artists use. This is an informative look at what goes into the making of a comic book and a nice collectible to boot.

An essential companion to NEW AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT, TOXIN and more! Revelations, clarifications and explanations abound as Marvel shines its searchlight on the jailbreak of the century! In the tradition of SECRET WAR: FROM THE FILES OF NICK FURY and SECRETS OF THE HOUSE OF M, NEW AVENGERS: MOST WANTED features HANDBOOK-style bios of all the escapees, from the Answer to Zzzax!

A deluxe oversized collection of comic stories from celebrated and award-winning writer Neil Gaiman, in conjunction with some of comics most acclaimed creators.

Prior to 1972 US Marvel comics had been reprinted in the UK by a variety of licensees, including Alan Class and Odhams. In 1972 however, this reprinting was brought in-house with the formation of Marvel UK, whose first title was Mighty World of Marvel. In 1979, after a couple of title changes, usually as a result of absorbing other, failing Marvel UK titles, it became the monthly title Marvel Super-Heroes, which finally ended in May 1983 with #397. In July 1983 Mighty World of Marvel was revived as a full colour monthly, picking up Marvel Super-Heroes final leading strip, the Claremont-Byrne era X-Men, where it had left off, at the start of the later-to-be-classic Days of Future Past story-line, alongside the US mini-series Vision and Scarlet Witch. With the latter concluding in #4, the fifth issue began reprinting Chris Claremont and Frank Millers Wolverine mini-series. The seventh issue saw Mighty World of Marvel absorb The Daredevils, causing the X-Mens departure and bringing in Alan Moore and Alan Davis Captain Britain and Night Raven (the latter text stories, rather than a comic strip), both of which had previously graced the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes. Falling sales saw the title drop some of the colour pages a few issues later, and in #13 Moore completed his run on Captain Britain, with Alan Davis and Steve Craddock taking over writing duties. Issue #16 saw the final instalment of Captain Britain before he departed to star in his own title. Though the next issue was the last, it saw the start of reprinting another US mini-series, Magik, which then transferred, along with the Night Raven text stories, to Marvel UKs Savage Sword of Conan monthly.

Forty-six issues mini series.