AUTHOR: Akira, Shouko (Story & Art)

monkey high

After her politician father is disgraced in scandal, Haruna Aizawa transfers to a new school. Haruna is convinced that school life is just like a monkey mountain—all the monkeys form cliques, get into fights, and get back together again. She even meets a boy named Masaru (aka Macharu) who reminds her of a baby monkey! (Source: Viz) Includes a side-story about Masaru s younger sister in volume two. There is also a side-story in Volume 5 about Atsu and Macharu s meeting in third grade.

koi no uta

This is collection of stories about three girls who projected their feelings onto a particular beautiful poem. Graffiti on a bench, memories of childhood times, thoughts that dont get communicated in a classroom all set the scenes for a lovely collaboration between poet Hamura Hiroshi and shoujo mangas great Akira Shouko! Many poems about love will move you deeply in this poignant collection of stories.