AUTHOR: Andou Ikori

sekai no aikotoba wa mizu

A collection of nine surreal short stories sharing a theme of water. Chapter 1, Bon: A young boy ponders family affairs around Bon. Chapter 2, We’re Still on Our Way: An astronaut cadet must figure out his motivation if he is to succeed and go into space. Chapter 3, Fusion: When the ultimate form of love is fusion, the government must work to stop a declining population. Chapter 4, Such Sorrowful Stars: In a near-death experience, a man meets a solitary girl running endlessly. Chapter 5, Salt Damage Season: A young woman is captivated by marine “vortexes”. Chapter 6, Sea Weather: A girl follows a schoolmate home only to realize she lives under the sea. Chapter 7, Squish: A girl can see things she calls “squishes”, transparent blobs all around us. Chapter 8, Meltism: If we are the same as the planet, what separates us? Chapter 9, Season?Time?Water: The world adapts to the changing of the seasons.