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THE RIDE celebrates its 15th anniversary with a five-part story from the award-winning team of PLASTIC, plus a special backup feature from ADAM HUGHES! After serving a hard 15 years in prison on a murder plea, former Atlanta P.D. detective Samantha Vega now makes her living as a bouncer at an exotic dance club. But life on the outside isnt easy, especially when enemies have scores to settle...

Ten years have passed since Stephen Thorns fiancée vanished without a trace, and he has grown into a prominent, if bitter, victims rights crusader. Despite the cold trail and lack of leads, he stubbornly refuses to give up the search. And then...he begins to hear her voice in the strangest of places.

Marvel presents the official comic book adaptation of their latest big-screen blockbuster starring John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Thomas Jane as Frank Castle, the Punisher!

Showing off all of the weapons at Frank Castles disposal.

After a classmate commits suicide, young Frank Castle begins the journey that will eventually turn him into the Punisher, a journey that will bring him face to face with the Tyger: a creature not made by God, but just as vital to the world.

Brother to a slain warlord, a humble monk possesses a weapon with the power to slay gods... but can he bring himself to use it? Ron Marz and Bart Sears join forces in the first issue of CrossGens latest monthly title, a tale of all-out samurai action set on a feudal world.

A couple of young American tourists on a honeymoon in Sicily. The most cruel mafia boss, at large and chased by police and rival gangs. Their stories are going to intertwine during a night in which Palermo will be covered in blood.

At the early dawn of man, a strange alien life form left its DNA in an early primate. Millions of years later a descendant of that early primate named Lenny, after a crippling accident, is transformed by that long dormant sequence into something different than merely human; something smarter, more powerful... and dangerous!

Young lovers Tubby and Vim want to escape-- escape the mistakes theyve made, the lives theyve lived, and the dirty city weighing them down. Their plan is simple-- all they have to do is rip-off Tubbys pals, the One Tricks-- the toughest street gang in LA. If they pull it off, theyre set for life. If not, their lives wont matter much anyway. What was going to be a smooth, straight-forward heist becomes a fast-paced battle to the death. From Eisner Award-winning writer/artist PAUL POPE (Batman: Year 100, THB, Heavy Liquid, 100%) and presented for the first time in color by JAMIE GRANT (All-Star Superman). ONE TRICK RIP-OFF/DEEP-CUTS is 288 pages of raw power, of which over 150 pages are comprised of new, rare, and never before seen stories created during POPEs time traveling the world in the 90s. Included in the Deep Cuts section is a bounty of unpublished and rare work POPE did in the 90s, including the legendary Supertrouble manga, created for Kodansha in Japan, appearing here in print for the first time. Its a tour de force of pure, kinetic storytelling that will keep your eyes peeled until the very last page.

The creative team behind Monster & Madman would like to introduce you to the ongoing adventures of retired monster-hunter Frederick Allan and his family... which include a thrill-killer, a witch, and a warlock. Because sometimes crazy is the glue that binds a family together.

Maybe Pearls mistake was in bringing the creature -- the one she found in her backyard -- to the weird man in the basement of the hospital. She should have told her mom instead. Or maybe her mistake was in keeping the baby monster that the creature birthed. Either way, Pearls not feeling so good. From the pages of Dark Horse Presents comes The Ninth Gland by Renée French (author of the controversial Grit Bath series). Regular DHP readers loved Frenchs exacting eye for detail and fluid storytelling the first time around, and heres your chance to get new readers hooked on something completely different. Featuring one of the most intriguing stories to appear in DHP in years, this collection answers the fans demands to experience this whacked-out tale in one sitting.

Published in 1990 by Marvel/Epic.Whatever they do, wherever they go, you know that they do it together - even in this post holocaust world where Cholly and his buddy Flytrap go from one madcap adventure to another! In this lunatic tale, Flytraps been shanghaied and forced into a series of boxing matches with some of the most deprived creatures in the universe. Cholly has to go it alone to rescue his partner from the clutches of the merciless gangsters.

Legendary writer Peter Milligan teams with gifted artist Leandro Fernandez for a savage, sexy stab at Wall Street's dark side with Vertigo's newest crime drama, THE NAMES! Katya Walker's life is practically perfect. She's young, smart, gorgeous and married to a fantastically rich man whom she loves. But when her husband, Kevin, takes a dive from his high-rise office window, the pretty surface of her world is shattered—and what's underneath turns out to be very nasty indeed. Katya knows that her husband didn't kill himself, but that turns out to be one of the few things she does know about him—a realization confirmed by Kevin's post-mortem message revealing his membership in a vast criminal-capitalist conspiracy dedicated to manipulating markets and cashing in on the resulting misery. Known as the Names, the organization maintains its grip on the levers of power through enforcers like the Surgeon and her math-genius, hormone-addled stepson, Philip. As Katya dives deeper into this dark financial underworld to try and solve her husband's murder, will she be in for far more than she bargained for?

With his obsessive attention to detail and his larger-than-life personality, Will Elder set the standard for precise rendering and abundant sight gags at EC Comics. (“Unquestionably the nuttiest guy that ever walked in the doors here.” — EC publisher William M. Gaines.) This collection includes all 15 of Elder's Panic stories (EC's in-house attempt to duplicate MAD), all seven of his science fiction tales (including two Ray Bradbury adaptations in collaboration with John Severin) and more. Elder lends his pen to dead-on satires of “The Night Before Christmas” — which got the first issue of Panic banned in the entire state of Massachusetts — and a variety of popular comic strips, including Li'l Abner and Dick Tracy. Showing his serious side, the team of Severin and Elder adapts two Ray Bradbury stories — “King of the Grey Spaces!” and the classic “The Million-Year Picnic” — along with five other solo Elder tales in the classic EC tradition from the pages of Weird Science and Weird Fantasy. This volume also includes a special Elder horror story that hasn't been since its original publication more than 60 years ago. Like every book in the Fantagraphics EC Artists' Library, Million Year Picnic also features essays and notes by EC experts on these superbly crafted, classic stories.

The Temporary Employment Sanction.Working in absurd secrecy, the Middleman stares down threats from the extra- infra- and juxta-terrestial with a big gun and a have-a-nice-day grin. The Middleman: he fights evil so you dont have to.

In the pages of The Massive, Ninth Wave was struggling to repair a broken world. But before that, they were the preeminent global environmental-rescue unit, taking on criminals, polluters, politicians, and rogue states. The Massive: Ninth Wave tells these stories in a stylish, high-action, done-in-one format, reuniting the entire creative team from the original series.

Jean-Baptiste Poulain has been hired by the Baron of Brac to tutor his son. When the young teacher arrives on the island off the coast of Brittany, he's immediately struck by how much the population seems to both hate and fear their lord. Which doesn't stop the locals from going after the aristocrat's people. Jean-Baptiste is brutally attacked – just after Nolwenn, the baron's son, is found beaten to death…

3350 years ago, high priest Aten Ray is seduced by Queen Nefertiti, then condemned by his estranged wife, the priestess Ankesenamun, to be a dead man walking as living mummy.Milleniums later Adam Ray (as he is now called) has moved to a quiet suburb in LA and just wants some peace and relaxation. Fat chance of that happening!

Formerly an elite U.S. Special Forces unit, The Losers stumbled upon a dirty CIA secret they couldnt ignore. The CIA tried to kill them--but that only set the team on a course for bloody vengeance. The series that inspired the high-octane Warner Bros. Pictures movie The Losers!

1920s Nairobi. When two Africans are found gruesomely murdered, all signs point to John Wallace, a promising young plantation owner with a bright future ahead of him and a beautiful bride-to-be. What drove him to kill these men? His silence and a corrupt system lead to internment, without a trial, in a vicious Kenyan prison camp. But sadistic guards, conspiring cellmates, and harsh desert labor are no match for the suffering that Wallace feels inside over the life he lost, and how best to get it back. He’s willing to do anything for revenge—even loose the mysterious beast lurking within…

The critically acclaimed, smutty, sci-fi, and noir first collaboration between RICK REMENDER (LOW, DEADLY CLASS) and GREG TOCCHINI (LOW, Uncanny X-Force) is finally back in print, remastered, and delivered in a glorious hardcover format. Collects LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME #1-3. Select praise for THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME: Last Days hits reader with an unflinching dose of pulp noir seediness and doesnt let up. -USA Today Writer Remender layers plenty of sex and violence on top of a zinger of a story. Tocchinis artwork is superb... Last Days is the perfect blend of art, dialogue and gritty feel. -WIRED Although Remender has crafted a fine crime noir, its the socio-political aspect that won me over. -IGN If you enjoy Criminal and other crimes books, youll probably get a kick out of this. -Comic Book Resources

New York City, late 1970s. Times Square is a haven for sex and drugs. The city teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, while blackouts can strike at any moment. This is the world of THE KITCHEN.

Vince's latest mission takes him to Malta. His job is to ensure the safety of the archeologists and art buyers for the Vatican. His daring and efficiency have won him many a great success, and some renown in his sector. And now he's being offered a promotion.

Gotham City is overrun by Jokerized victims, and The Joker himself is prowling the streets. Even as Batman confronts the Clown Prince of Crime, ordinary citizens and Arkham inmates must confront the mark<br />The Joker has left on the city and themselves. Is anyone truly safe? This jam-packed collection features backup stories from BATMAN #35-40, BATMAN ANNUAL #3, GOTHAM ACADEMY: ENDGAME #1, BATGIRL: ENDGAME #1, DETECTIVE COMICS: ENDGAME #1 and ARKHAM MANOR: ENDGAME #1.

Celebrating Batman and Joker's seventy-five years as cultural icons, this Joker Anthology collects stories from the characters seven decades as the greatest villain in comics. Featuring stories from BATMAN #1, 5, 25, 32, 85, 163, 251, 427, BATMAN #15 (THE NEW 52), DETECTIVE COMICS #64, 168, 180, 475, 476, 726, 741, 826, DETECTIVE COMICS #1 (THE NEW 52), WORLD&rsquo;S FINEST COMICS #61, SUPERMAN #9 and BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #66.

In 1975 the Clown Price Of Crime became the very first villain to gain his own ongoing series. "The Joker" lasted only 9 issues, focused on the Rollicking Rogue's various misadventures and criminal endeavors. Each issue saw The Joker face not only heroes but fellow villains as well.

In a world where paranoia is a survival skill, the only hope for humankind is a group of unconventional occultist freedom fighters called The Invisibles. Their wild adventures continue in volume 2, as the team heads to the U.S. to explore bizarre American mysteries, conspiracies and subcultures!

It was a hunting accident—that much Charlie is sure of. That's how his father, Matt Rizzo—a gentle intellectual who writes epic poems in Braille—had lost his vision. It’s not until Charlie’s troubled teenage years, when he’s facing time for his petty crimes, that he learns the truth. Matt Rizzo was blinded by a shotgun blast to the face—but it was while participating in an armed robbery. Newly blind and without hope, Matt began his bleak new life at Stateville Prison. But in this unlikely place, Matt's life and very soul were saved by one of America's most notorious killers: Nathan Leopold Jr., of the infamous Leopold and Loeb. From David Carlson and Landis Blair comes the unbelievable true story of a father, a son, and remarkable journey from despair to enlightenment.