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This holiday special reprints Ren and Stimpys Holiday adventures from issues #3 and #15, plus all-new material! Mr. Yak is home alone on Christmas with only the Muddy Mudskipper TV special for companionship. Ren and Stimpy save the day in a story loaded with wacky Holiday movie hijinks and walrus suits galore! Written by Dan Slott. Art by Mike Kazaleh.

When Stimpy discovers a New Litter Box at the local Pet Store, he becomes obsessed with having it, even though Ren & Stimpy are Flat Broke! When fortune lends a tongue, I mean a hand and the front window breaks, Ren & Stimpy are faced with a Moral Dilemma; to Steal or NOT to Steal? Introducing the Beeg-Time Crime Lords, featuring the first appearance of Tank & Brenner: Mall Cops and a special guest-appearance by Powdered Toast Man!! All of this plus “Ren Hoek for President and “Commander Hoek & Cadet Stimpy: Alien Attack”

The Real Ghostbusters was published by Marvel UK from March 1988 to September 1992.<br />A total of 193 issues were published - it was originally fortnightly (issues 1-14), then weekly (issues 15-185) and finally monthly (186-193).<br />Spin-off title Slimer! (reprinting the Now Slimer! series) was merged with the comic after thirteen monthly issues (Real Ghostbusters issues 121-129).

A second monthly Hulk comic that lasted 6 issues.<br />Translated into Spanish.

A years-past story has the Hulk battling aliens in Europe. A backup story features an ancient warrior kept alive by a rare stone.

Marvel presents the official comic book adaptation of their latest big-screen blockbuster starring John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Thomas Jane as Frank Castle, the Punisher!

Vincent Mangano hires Paladin to assassinate the Punisher while the US Government orders the US Agentto arrest him and take him to the Vault.

Garth Ennis finally lets loose to take Punisher to the MAX -- literally -- as the hunter becomes the hunted! No more pulled punches, no more dialing it down.

Punisher one-shot from 1994 depicting Punishers final battle with Saracen.

Frank Castle re-imagined as a cowboy who loses his family during the turbulent Wild West days.

The issue opens in the midst of a stand off. A police officer has been shot and his female partner is used as a human shield by a crazed snitch of the Punisher. The Punisher shoots the man nicking the woman in the arm. She checks on the other officer and the Punisher walks over to his snitch and executes him. As the Punisher moves to leave she tries to arrest him. He tells her to do what she thinks is right and walks away. She makes no effort to stop him and later refuses to give a comment to the press.

Collects Punisher War Journal (1988) #1-8.<br />Angry and dangerous loners are famed for keeping journals, and Frank Castle is no exception! The Punisher confronts deadly enemies from both war and peacetime, but a vacation in Africa introduces him to a far different legacy of the past: dinosaurs! But the wild man waiting to throw down on him is no throwback. Its Wolverine! Guns vs. claws for the historic first time! Guest-starring Daredevil!

On the anniversary of his family's death, Frank Castle flies a kite. With the memory of his loved ones haunting his every breath (and blow), the Punisher remains locked in his quest for vengeance. The next name in Castle's war journal? Mobster Hector Montoya- the man responsible for Punisher's loss.<br />Frank has plans to go to the park where his family was killed but must handle a mobster situation first.

Blood on the Moors is the tale of two souls haunted by the memories of innocent loved ones whose murders they were unable to prevent. One is a modern man of flesh, blood and firepower. The other, born in an ancient misty past, os something far more ethereal, yet equally as deadlly.

Someone is running a drug ring out a high school. Frank tries to play it cool to see who it is but violent erupts.

Showing off all of the weapons at Frank Castles disposal.

The future has arrived, but world peace certainly hasn't! In fact, with the streets of Nueva York more crime-ridden than ever, who will rise up to defend the vulnerable population from the corruption? Looks like it's up to Punisher 2099 to clean up the block – the only question is, who's behind the mask? Don't miss out on your glimpse into the future from rising stars, LONNIE NADLER &amp; ZAC THOMPSON (AGE OF X-MEN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL)!

Cassondra Castle is old, her time is coming to an end, but there are still plenty who need punishment. Her son, Franklin, has never known her terrible secret... where she spent her evenings. But now, someone has to pick up the torch, continue the legacy. Franklin Castles life is about to change. Forever.

YOU CAN TAKE THE PUNISHER OUT OF THE WAR MACHINE…Punisher no longer has the War Machine armor, but he retained his newly acquired taste for big game, and he’s hungry for more. However, the paths to such perilous pursuits are fraught with dangers bigger than any Frank has faced before, and this lone wolf could use otherworldly help on his way up to the world stage. MATTHEW ROSENBERG continues pushing the boundaries of the Punisher, and now joined by acclaimed artist RICCARDO BURCHIELLI (DMZ, Northlanders), this is the book Punisher fans will be talking about for years to come!

FRANK CASTLE LOSES CONTROL! A by-the-numbers drug bust is about to take Frank Castle by surprise…and he HATES surprises. The horrible fallout threatens to send The Punisher into the heart of darkness, but Castle won't make that journey alone: A DEA agent is on his trail and attempting to get into his head…but what horrors will she find there, and will she survive the experience?

For years, The Punisher has waged a war on crime in New York City with an array of very large guns, but a lead on a major source of drugs, weapons, and more has set his many sights due west. NOW! Frank Castles in the City of Angels, looking to give the devil his due. Things arent all they appear, though, with a highly trained military hit squad hot on Franks tail. Caught between a posse of Punisher predators and targets of his own one-man-war, Franks manifest destiny may be a shallow grave!

Frank Castles back in the game, but how does a cop describe his brush with him?<br />TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK. For Frank Castle death comes is where things gets complicated. As New York Citys body counts continue to rise, the citys streets are teeming with more methodical criminals than ever and a police force doing its best to keep its head above water. The Punisher has returned to serve his own brand of justice with everythings hes got... but can he survive the darkness stored in his own arsenal? Plus bonus pages exploring some of the new personalities in Franks life...and how closely intertwined living is with dying.

After a classmate commits suicide, young Frank Castle begins the journey that will eventually turn him into the Punisher, a journey that will bring him face to face with the Tyger: a creature not made by God, but just as vital to the world.