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Iconic, cult and British aptly describe 2000 AD. For over 35 years it has delivered weekly thrill-power to the masses. Much of its success lies in its consistency, as original creators Pat Mills and John Wagner still write for the comic and future lawman Judge Dredd has been at the core of the sci-fi anthology since prog 2. As well as appearing in the weekly, Dredd's popularity has granted him his own series, which is still going today having topped 350+ issues as well as appearances in Annuals (1980-1990), Yearbooks (1991-1994) and Mega-Specials (1988-1996). For any previous issues can be downloaded at

The last Chapter #2229 - 2000 AD now available at unionleitor . 2000 AD, , Rebellion, . With chapters chapter2229 have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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