Comics 28 Days Later: The Aftermath (by Steve Niles)

Alternative : 28 Days Later: The Aftermath 2007
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Bridging the gap between the initial outbreak of the Rage virus, and the events of the film 28 Days Later, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath tells the story of one of the last bands of un-infected humans in London, desperately trying to survive in the midst of the Rage virus. Will their salvation come in the form of a rescue, or an over-zealous American army determined to eliminate anything left alive? Like the breakout Halo graphic novel, this full-length novel is told in four interlocking stories by horror maestro Steve Niles. Each chapter of this tale is illustrated by several of the brightest talents in comics today - beginning with stunning cover art Tim Bradstreet (Blade, Hellblazer), and including chapters by Diego Almos (Batman), Nate Jones (30 Days of Night, Spawn) all the way through the book-ending chapters by Dennis Calero (X-Factor, Spider-Man). This volume is a bloody feast for comics fans, horror fans, and a growing legion of fans of the hit films.

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