Comics 9-11 (by Various)

Alternative : 9-11 2002
AUTHOR: Various
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Two trade paperpacks that were published to honor the true heroes of the 9-11 disaster. The first was published by Dark Horse and the second by DC.<br />Following the terrorist attacks on America on September 11 2001, comic creators from all companies produced benefit books for the victims. DC Comics coordinated the launch of their title with Dark Horse Publishing to reach as many readers as possible. The full title of DCs book was 9-11: September 11th 2001(The Worlds finest comic book writers and artists tell stories to remember) Volume 2. Dark Horse had published volume 1. It brought together many of the companys top creators for an anthology of stories based around the events of 9/11.<br />Made up of different sections, each with their own distinctive style, creative talents included, Will Eisner, Michael Moorcock, George Perez, Denny ONeil, Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman, Neal Adams and Jim Lee. Neil Gaiman contributed a new story of the Endless, entitled The Wheel while Amanda Conner and Jim Palmiotti created Silver Linings in big clouds of dust. The stories ranged from those dealing with the attack itself and the aftermath to more super heroic and fantasy based tales. Everyone involved in the titles creation worked for free, with all the profits that were made benefiting The New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund, Survivors of the National Campaign Region, and The September 11th Fund of the New York Community Trust among others.

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