Comics A Moment of Silence (by Bill Jemas, Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Smith)

Alternative : Moment of Silence
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For years, comic books have given the world a chance to see brightly clad super heroes in action - saving the innocent, preventing disasters and making the world a better, safer place. Mythical heroes with one mandate - to honor the heroic ideal.<br />On September 11th the world changed. We found that the real-world heroes went beyond the ideals of our imagination. Heroes - men and women who saved lives with no thought of their own personal safety, and without benefit of super powers, armed only with their solitary courage.<br />And now looking back, we take a moment to appreciate those who are gone, and those who are still with us. A moment to reflect on those things we may have taken for granted before September 11th. We take this moment of silence to honor their memory and the heroic acts that will define this generation as well as the heroic ideal for the new millennium.<br />Moment of Truth<br />Bill Jemas and Mark Bagely bring to us the story of Tony Savas building inspector for the Port Authority and the sacrifice he made on September 11th...

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