Comics A Radical Shift of Gravity (by Nick Tapalansky)

Alternative : A Radical Shift of Gravity 2020
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The world is changing. Gravity, a force everyone takes for granted, has begun to disappear. As a young journalist, Noah spends his days documenting the wondrous and terrifying shifts in the world around him. But Noahs life is changing, too. Falling in love and raising a rebellious daughter adds new meaning to life in this mysterious floating world. As he covers the invention of new sports, interviews experts, and even journeys into space, each experience shapes how Noah views the world and, in turn, his relationship with his family. And as his daughter grows older, Noah faces the challenge every parent dreads and dreams of: letting go.

The last Chapter #TPB_(Part_2) - A Radical Shift of Gravity now available at unionleitor . A Radical Shift of Gravity, A Radical Shift of Gravity 2020 , Sci-Fi, Nick Tapalansky, . With chapters chaptertpbpart2 have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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