Comics A1 Presents The Weirding Willows (by Dave Elliott)

Alternative : A1 Presents The Weirding Willows 2014
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IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS TODAY...<br />When she was nine, Alice wandered into the Wild Woods and discovered a portal to another world. A world called Wonderland!<br />Now a young woman, she has spent her childhood discovering just some of the wonders the dimensional nexus of the Weir has to offer - a place where the worlds of Earth, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pelucidar and Elysium collide, and where anything, and anyone, could turn up when least expected!<br />From Frankensteins Monster to a giant purple T-rex, from talking rabbits to winged monkeys, from a kidnapped Mowgli to a werewolf with a secret, theres never a quiet day in the Weir - and Alice and her friends are all that stand between these worlds, and those who would exploit them.<br />In this first mysterious collection, Alices father, Doctor Moreau, strikes a deal with the Wicked Witch of the West, and Alice must uncover the truth behind the Witchs request before her father commits to something he will regret!<br />Collects The Weirding Willows story from A1 #1-6 - with AN ALL-NEW CHAPTER, character designs, bonus content and commentary.<br />Dont miss this stunning first step into an amazing collision of worlds!

The last Chapter #Full - A1 Presents The Weirding Willows now available at unionleitor . A1 Presents The Weirding Willows, A1 Presents The Weirding Willows 2014 , Adventure, Fantasy, Literature, Dave Elliott, . With chapters chapterfull have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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